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Here at Sachamama, we provide valuable tools for working with, awakening, and practicing Yoni-Verse Consciousness. Through working with tools, such as Yoni Eggs, Pleasure Wands, Yoni Steams, Herbal Formulas, and so forth, we offer the tools we practice for going deep within our own Divine Feminine. See our article “The Yoni-Verse: Unlocking the Divine Feminine Through the Portal of the Yoni”.

We supply a variety of Yoni Egg Stone types, high in quality, to suit each woman’s individual journey & constitution.

SachaMama Priestess Camitza (Jessica Simmons) works devotedly with Yoni Eggs & Yoni Consciousness practices, as well as Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Balancing tools for Healthy Sexuality. She offers her tools and services here at SachaMama Oracle, on Facebook, & on her website SachaMama Creations (currently under construction).

Tools Offered are:

  • One-on-one skype consultations to create personalized practices for each woman
  • Yoni Egg Products (Yoni Eggs, lubricants, charging crystals, etc.)
  • Pleasure Wands (for self pleasuring practices, cultivating the Orgasm)
  • Herbal Products (Beauty, Flower Essences, Female Reproductive & Aphrodisiac Teas)
  • Yoni Steam Herbal Mixes

To contact Camitza for Yoni Eggs, Consultations, or other services, please see contact info at the bottom of the page


Things to consider

To purchase a Yoni Egg, or another of Camitza’s services, e-mail here at the above address. Be prepared to offer your intention and reason for embarking upon the path in the e-mail, stating what you are looking for exactly. A skype consultation ($25 for 1st consultation) is reccommended for creating highly personalized practice protocols for each individual woman. After the consultation, a Yoni Egg (or several, if the woman desires several for practice) will be chosen for the woman based on the reading & consultation. The Yoni Egg(s) will then be shipped to your address and a practice guide e-mailed to you.

The consultations can broadly encompass many topics, such as fertility charting methods & tools, pleasure tools (products available are stone pleasure wands and lubricants), yoni steaming protocols (yoni steam mixes are available for purchase), practices for healing ancestral sexual trauma to clear space for the Divine, and suggested reading and resources for your individual needs will be provided. Each woman’s journey is as unique as her own sexuality, and Camitza aspires to meet each woman in her individuality.




We look forward to connecting with you!


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