Polyamory in Modern Times: What’s Going On?

Polyamory is a subject interwoven with many lives at the present time. As a woman who has come into a great deal of contact with the subject, both within my global spiritual community and my own life, I pose the question of “What’s going on?”. To all of us who are, directly or indirectly, exposed to this resurfacing phenomenon of human relation, I pose my … Continue reading Polyamory in Modern Times: What’s Going On?

Orphaned Vines

According to Jon Miller Weisberger, through his studies with the Secoya and Huaorani (Sometimes spelled “Waorani”) peoples of Ecuador, there is a concept in these Ayahuasca lineages known as “Orphaned Vines”. Orphaned Vines are vines of Ayahuasca (Banisteriopsis caapi) that have lost their traditional care of elders, traditional growing practices in the jungle, and have lost their energy connections to the ancient sources of of Life … Continue reading Orphaned Vines

Return of the Serpent & of Eden

We have been called “witches”, “sorceresses”, and the patriarchal lines would say that we were the downfall of man (i.e. the story of the garden of Eden). The global consciousness surrounding women, our roles as diviners, sages, and wisdom keepers, has been misconstrued for thousands of years in developing civilization. Yet we have reached a time when Truth is becoming revealed, and Balance is becoming restored … Continue reading Return of the Serpent & of Eden

Cycle Energetics (Part 4): The Bleeding Woman

 As we come full circle in our monthly cycle, we end our cycles with Death in preparation for Rebirth. A significant time in the monthly cycle of the Woman, ancient cultures across the globe recognize this time as a sacred right of passage, laced mysteriously with it’s own form of ceremony. We explore here, how to channel this great gift through archetypal embodiment, symbolism, totem … Continue reading Cycle Energetics (Part 4): The Bleeding Woman

Cycle Energetics (Part 3): The Shamanic Woman

Phase 3: The Shamanic Woman Color: Black Animal: Snake Element: Wind Season: Fall Direction: South Life Cycle: Post-Motherhood, Pre-Elder;  Shamanic Maturity  Tree Cycle: Shedding of the Leaves (Preparing for Dormancy/Death) Energy: Inward Sage, Depth in Darkness, Intuitively Sensitive to Processes beyond the Self, Walking in Life & Death, Unpredictable, Erratic, HIGHLY Intuitive, Shamanic Awakening into Cosmic Knowledge, Vibrationally Receptive to Cosmic Energies, Passing between Dark … Continue reading Cycle Energetics (Part 3): The Shamanic Woman

Cycle Energetics (Part 2): The Mother

Phase 2: The Mother   Color: White Animal: Turtle Element: Water Season: Summer Direction: North? Life Cycle: Mature, Mother Tree Medicine Cycle: Fruiting to Dropping Seed Energy: Nurturing, Creative, Compassionate, Passive yet Strong, Blissful and Alive, Dreamy yet highly Attuned, Intuitive with Self & Others, Peaceful & Peace-Maker, Content in Abundance, Loving & Affectionate, Alive & Bright, Present in both the Inner & Outer Worlds simultaneously, … Continue reading Cycle Energetics (Part 2): The Mother

Cycle Energetics (Part 1): Introduction to your cycle & the Virgin Warrior

Introduction: Cycles are present in every aspect of Nature, from Lunar phases, to Seasonal cycles, to that cycle that is experienced each month by the Woman. We may peer into the wisdom of Nature when viewing our cycles as Women and become conscious in our unique rhythms. Just as there are 4 Seasons, 4 Directions, and 4 Lunar phases, Women too embody the Transformative 4 … Continue reading Cycle Energetics (Part 1): Introduction to your cycle & the Virgin Warrior