Walking the Path of the Goddess in Concrete and City Lights

And I wonder how many are among us, sisters awakened to the ones before Who, too, are Yoni Steaming in the rain of night night of rain Who too are inspired by the Moon Yet tonight are adorned with only light of Streetlamps and Candles and despite or inspite of the sirens; concrete; light pollution find herselves also steaming. This is what the Goddess Rearising … Continue reading Walking the Path of the Goddess in Concrete and City Lights

YoniVerse Class Series @ Goddess Temple, Ashland OR

All classes held at the Goddess Temple of Ashland; Jackson Wellsprings, Ashland, OR. Facilitated by Priestess Camitza and Monica Rhea Everett Class Overview & Schedule: Class 1 (April 22nd, 5-7PM):  The Yoni Muse:  Art, Herstory, Anatomy, and Yoni Gazing. Class 2(May 6, 4-7 PM): Practical Magic: A guide to loving menstruating through Blood Ritual and Sustainable and Yoni-Friendly bleeding technologies as alternatives to tampons and … Continue reading YoniVerse Class Series @ Goddess Temple, Ashland OR

Willow’s Way; The Middle Path

The forest is speaking; can you hear her call? The herbs are waiting to teach their songs to the humans who have chosen to remember how to listen… what do you hear? Everything around us is filled with life force, waiting to be honored, absorbed, and spread. When we work with plants, we are not only working with the chemical composition of their essential oils, but … Continue reading Willow’s Way; The Middle Path

Singing to the Bones

Hello dear ones!
I am Elka, and I am so blessed to live with Jessica, Jules, and Monica at our lovely home full of inspiration, music, good foods, and love! I first met Jules and Jessica at last winter’s Snow Blessing Ceremony up on Mount Ashland. I had just moved here a few weeks before from New Mexico, where I lived in a canyon in the Gila Wilderness for 23 years. And hardly ever left. Whenever I did leave, I felt a lot like an uprooted tree. Continue reading “Singing to the Bones”

Unveiling Eve & Lilith

As Women, we are dualistic in our very core, in the roots of our very Creation. Our Mother Roots are still within us, which is a Yin Yang of Dualism, and perfection. Our Divine Feminine Nature is composed of 2 Mother Archetypes: The Shamed & Tamed Eve and the Dark & Deadly Lilith. Exploring deeply the mythological and biblical stories of Eve & Lilith, I have … Continue reading Unveiling Eve & Lilith

Becoming Pachamama; Mother Earth

Life’s Cyclic Dance A river that rises and falls with the seasons vibrant, patterned, unending. Wings lift and release with each breath as the butterfly becomes the breath of the tree a bird soars overhead leaving behind him that which is in front remaining in the middle he is un-phased by the fallen leaf which feeds the tree and therefore builds his home in peace. … Continue reading Becoming Pachamama; Mother Earth