Unveiling Eve & Lilith

As Women, we are dualistic in our very core, in the roots of our very Creation. Our Mother Roots are still within us, which is a Yin Yang of Dualism, and perfection. Our Divine Feminine Nature is composed of 2 Mother Archetypes:┬áThe Shamed & Tamed Eve and the Dark & Deadly Lilith. Exploring deeply the mythological and biblical stories of Eve & Lilith, I have … Continue reading Unveiling Eve & Lilith

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Sacred Sexuality: Shedding the Skins of Shame

I send a wild call through the mountains and across rivers, to the wild sisters, the Priestesses of Sachamama, who in our birth rites received the powerful gifts of the Sexual Goddesses. We are they and they are we, and the shame-stricken lashings of the past no longer hold fast chains to our Sacred Holiness. And we strip ourselves of the Scarlet Letters that spell … Continue reading Sacred Sexuality: Shedding the Skins of Shame