The Ceremony of Water

Water. It is one of the sacred 4 (or 5) elements to which all of life is dependent. Our waters run in rivers, oceans, rain falls from the sky, our bodies themselves are comprised of 50-65% (we are born with a higher percentage, decreasing with age) water, and life as we know it would not exist without Her. She is known as Mama Oshun, Venus, Mama Cocha, … Continue reading The Ceremony of Water

Orphaned Vines

According to Jon Miller Weisberger, through his studies with the Secoya and Huaorani (Sometimes spelled “Waorani”) peoples of Ecuador, there is a concept in these Ayahuasca lineages known as “Orphaned Vines”. Orphaned Vines are vines of Ayahuasca (Banisteriopsis caapi) that have lost their traditional care of elders, traditional growing practices in the jungle, and have lost their energy connections to the ancient sources of of Life … Continue reading Orphaned Vines