Red Tent Reflections from the Eclipse: Sun & Moon in the Coming Times

I settle into my subtle body, right here in this moment, to re-member the eclipse’s transmission. Wild, fearless, all parts illuminated, bright-eyed, confused, quiet, held back. Wondering. As the moon quickly approached the edge of the sun’s glare with her curves, earthlings sat in amazement. It happened so quickly, yet the effects are still reverberating weeks later. The moon’s feminine mystique made us all experience … Continue reading Red Tent Reflections from the Eclipse: Sun & Moon in the Coming Times

Unveiling Eve & Lilith

As Women, we are dualistic in our very core, in the roots of our very Creation. Our Mother Roots are still within us, which is a Yin Yang of Dualism, and perfection. Our Divine Feminine Nature is composed of 2 Mother Archetypes: The Shamed & Tamed Eve and the Dark & Deadly Lilith. Exploring deeply the mythological and biblical stories of Eve & Lilith, I have … Continue reading Unveiling Eve & Lilith

The Ceremony of Bleeding

In Western culture, our women do not have the societal right to hold menstrual traditions while functioning in society. Whereas in many cultures, women have the foundation of cultural heritage to remove themselves for the “ceremony of bleeding”, our women simply go to work, business as usual. However, in many of the lineages that I have studied with, and now often teach the essence of … Continue reading The Ceremony of Bleeding