Unveiling Eve & Lilith


As Women, we are dualistic in our very core, in the roots of our very Creation. Our Mother Roots are still within us, which is a Yin Yang of Dualism, and perfection. Our Divine Feminine Nature is composed of 2 Mother Archetypes: The Shamed & Tamed Eve and the Dark & Deadly Lilith.

Exploring deeply the mythological and biblical stories of Eve & Lilith, I have come to a philosophical depth of dualism that I experience as a Woman: Eve & Lilith. They dance their dance, and they undergo conflict. They are at the very core of my existence.

I have spent the past while in my life opening my channel to embody the wisdom of these ancient archetypes of Woman: The FIRST WOMAN, our very Mother Roots. And what I have found has been nothing short of extraordinary in understanding the Roots of my Womanhood, and in my philosophy, the roots of all women of the West.

Who is Eve?

Eve: Here to be viewed as the second creation of Woman. Biblical texts themselves suggest that there was a creation of woman before Eve (Genesis 1:26-28), here to be named Lilith. The archetype of Eve is a model of woman that has been created without her Goddess power, without her High Divinity. She was made from the rib of Man (Genesis 2:21-23), and thus is an extension of man, not of her own flesh and life. Not of the Earth as Lilith was, which was in equality with Adam’s Creation Process.

Thus, though Lilith was the first Woman, she was a Goddess. And Eve was the first Mortal Woman, our Mother as human beings, Mother of Humanity.

Eves archetype can be viewed as such: the aspects and qualities of woman that have been subdued in the face of patriarchal rule. The aspect of woman that is created without her Goddess intact. Her totem can be found in the Deer and in the Rabbit: sacrificial animals to the predatory nature of patriarchy.

This is not to say that Eve herself is not Divine, indeed she is our First Mother as Mortal. And her inquisitive and intuitive nature for questioning supreme power is a Divine attribute, one that ultimately led her to partake from the Tree of Knowledge. And thus, she was cast out of the Garden, along with Adam, forever to bear the shame as the “downfall of Man”, “the Sinner”, one whose punishment was male domination, pain in childbirth, and to be thereafter scorned, shamed, and subordinated in this world for her Feminine Nature.

We can all relate to Eve. She dwells inside all of us. She is the young girl whose voice and dance was suppressed, whose organic sexual nature was shamed and put away at a young age, whose intelligence was threatening and therefore ignored or scolded, who was scorned for the beauty that she is and yet simultaneously expected to be so for the benefit of Man. Her nature is scorned, not because of her choice, but because her choice reflects the power that She held that Man did not: The bravery to question authoritative rule.

Mankind and patriarchal religion has feared the wild component of woman upon this planet so much that it has taken the necessary measures to silence, subdue, and dominate her. Inside of all of us, the pain of these collective Feminine experiences mark our Eve Archetype. And yet, there are characteristics because of the “Fall from Grace” that Eve possesses that Lilith does not.


Eve is gentle, she is nurturing, she has learned how to bear life, to suffer for life, and therefore she knows a power that Lilith does not: Grace, humility, and compassion. Divine attributes that Woman would not possess without the Mortal Experience of History.

Who is Lilith?

And then there is Lilith: The seductress, the demoness, one not to be tamed even in the face of damnation. A Goddess. Darkness. She resides in the totems of the Serpent, the Owl, the Water Vixens & Sirens. And she calls from the Depths of Woman’s Ancestral Abyss.

Lilith was the First Woman, though not in the same light as Eve. She is the archetype of the Goddess. It is said that she was birthed by the Christian God from clay, just as Adam was (Genesis 1:26-28). But it wasn’t long after her creation that it was apparent that she had no intention of being tamed. Why should she, made in the same image, from the same Earth as Man, be his subordinate?

And so she refused, and for that she was cast out of her role as “woman”. Some stories say that she was turned into the Serpent that tempted Eve into partaking from the Tree of Knowledge. Some say she went into Demon Spirit form and incessantly fights against the power that scorned her to this day. Numerous ancient texts and philosophies speak of her as a cause of abortion, an infant eater, a feared temptress of men, a succubi, an uncontrollable force of willful demoness power, sensuality, and darkness. One source that I have read even relates her to the Goddess Kali Ma.

And just as we all have an inner Eve, so too do we have an inner Lilith. In contrast to the wounding of Eve’s shame and submission, in Lilith wwe feel the urge to unleash the holy furty and power that we organically know we have dwelling within us, our birth rite as Daughters of the Goddess.

She is the resistance to male domination, she is the seductress and prowess of organic Feminine Energy, she is the Goddess and Divine Nature of the Darkness of Woman.

She is present in our rebellious nature to authority, and she is present in our ability to think freely. She is present in our inspiration to destroy and transform the powers that be, those forces that cast both her and Eve from the seat of Divinity. She is present in the inner seductress unashamed of her Sexuality.

Yet she does not know humility, nor does she know the suffering of the mortal mother wound, as our Eve does.

She goes on inside of us in a banshi fury and watery temptation to slither, throughout history and time, into the matrix of reality. She dwells inside of all of us as the wrathful, wild, dangerously rebellious, and seductively sensual Divine Goddess.

Where our Inner Eve is the Deer & Rabbit, Graceful yet timid, Lilith is our Inner Serpent & Lioness: Dangerously Mysterious, Seductive, and Fiercely Powerful. And in their own way, they dance together, holding up the balance of the Feminine, and simultaneously are in conflict with one another because of their Nature in contrast.

Where Eve dwells in our hushed voices, Lilith is the force that willfully shouts. Where Eve is the pain and suffering of what we have undergone, and all of the wisdom and understanding that came through it, Lilith is the destructive force of change that can be impulsive in her passion.

For all of history, in this archetypal philosophy, we have had, at our very core, only 2 Mother Roots: Eve & Lilith. We have held within us the Divine Mother of our Mortal Selves, and the Divine Goddess of our True Nature as the Collective Feminine. Inside of us, they dance this dance, as the Mother Earth dances this dance of balance within her own self, between the forces of Nature & the balance of the Masculine & Feminine.

I aspire to continue writing, more in depth, upon the subject of Eve & Lilith, as this is just the surface of my exploration.

Blessed Be.


Adam, Eve, & the Serpent by Elaine Pagels

Resurrecting Eve: Women of Faith Challenge the Fundamentalist Agenda by Roberta Mary Pughe & Paula Anema Sohl





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