Spell-ing: It’s not just for Witches

The power of words. We call it “Spell-ing” for a reason. The words we use determine our very reality, and so many ancient practices recognize this to be a profound truth. It’s not just “witchcraft” to cast spells, we do it every time we open our mouths and utter vibrations into the universal plane.

Our words are a line of communication with the universal laws, order, and forces. When we remain true, clear, and bonded to the words we use, that line becomes stronger and thus manifestations become more rapid in our reality. The practice of being very clear, careful, and thoughtful with our words determines how often our reality is a result of our goals and visions: manifestation. OR how careless we are with our words, on the other hand, results in the lack of manifestation.

This goes beyond speaking “truth”, which is certainly a key practice in Spell-ing. Speaking truth, being consistent with our stories and viewpoints (and how we speak them), and creating a line of personal communication are all important elements for spelling. But there are others as well…

What happens when we say “I’m going to do _____”, and do not follow through? What happens when we say “I want ______” and change our minds repeatedly on what _____ is? What happens when we are repeatedly speaking words to the universe that lead to not following through? What happens when we use definitives that are not necessarily true? What happens when we too freely speak of Divine experiences?

To perform manifestation rituals, one may use prayers, feathers, sacred fire, sacred circles, symbols, and the like. But true manifestation, on a subtle and every day level, results from practicing the words we use, the clarity in which they are spoken, and the power generated over a practice of following through with what we say.

By creating a practice of conscious communication, with humans and the Universe, we over time create a powerful ability to manifest many things in our everyday lives. Our connection line becomes a powerful and clear vessel, the Universe recognizes it as a pattern, and thus we become the makers of our reality through giving and receiving with the Universal order.

I began practicing spell-ing after a very powerful event…

Once, a lover and I had a quarrel over a tiger’s eye stone that was gifted to me in exchange for Datura flower essence. Though it had happened earlier in the day, I hadn’t let it go and we found ourselves by a sacred fire, in communion with sacred medicines. I brought the issue up, as I felt it was an unfair thing for him to claim a gift, without asking, in such a holy trade. The topic led to an escalated rise in opposing energy over the subject. I lost my patience and found myself pulling out his deer antler (that he wore for a gauged plug), threw it in the fire and pronounced “the deer is dead”. Though this comment was referring to the passive nature of the deer inside of myself, 2 days later I totaled the front end of my car by hitting a deer.

Through the months prior to this event, I had begun, seemingly for the first time, really paying attention to the way others, and myself, spoke and the words we used. I also began noticing patterns of people who rarely kept to their words: they had little manifestation in their lives of the things that they spoke of. Not to say that people are liars, but people tend to use words like “always” or “never” or speak about what they want to do (which changes daily) from one minute to the next. There is also the element of speaking too freely, specifically about visions from plant ceremonies and personal experiences with the Divine, with little filter of whom they are spoken to, under what context, which belittles the experience within itself. The power dissipates, so to speak.

I began seeing how these ways of speaking had effect, and I have some tools that I have cultivated to create a more clear line of communication, so that my words or intentions result in manifestation, and are not empty words lost in the etheric of the Universal plane….

1.) Speaking in Definitives creates an illusory state of existence between self, action, and the Universe.

Through creating a fixed mind’s view on what we will and will not do, we unnecessarily create prisons for what would otherwise be an organic flow. And, if we break the spell that we create with definitives, this speaks to the Universe in powerful ways. If patterned throughout our lives, the stream of setting ourselves up for contradiction with our words creates an impact on the way in which the Universe receives our words. Thus resulting in decreased manifestation due to a lack of coherent and honest stream of communication.

2.) Paying attention that we are clear and conscious of what we are trying to manifest. 

If I am to repeatedly create desires in my mind, speak them openly, and am simultaneously changing my mind on what it is that I want, the reflection is that I have airy consciousness towards my actual goals. How can I manifest my goals or desires if I am constantly changing them? The universe cannot assist me, manifesting my aspirations with me, if I myself am suffering from patternistic amnesia with what it is that I truly want in life. My practice in this: refrain from saying “I’m going to do ____”. If I am truly meant to do it, it will happen in the moment, and this creates a powerful representation that I am not speaking, but I am doing. I am not using empty words, I am creating.

In our Western world, I’ve noticed this one quite often. People love to talk about what they are going to do. However, why? I once had a friend tell me “I’m going to give you Reiki tonight” every night for a week and half. Yet, I didn’t receive Reiki from her during that time. Do we feel the need to validate our actions with speaking them? As if speaking them will make them manifest? I actually have found this counter-intuitive. Let’s just do, not speak of what we will do.

3.) Speaking openly of Sacred Events (including visions, dreams, & experiences).

Sacred events are indeed gifts, and it is a common philosophy to hold them sacred or cherish them. If we speak openly, frequently, about our sacred encounters with the Mystery, it dampens the power of the experience itself. When we are scattering the potency of sacred energy through loose lips, the Universe listens deeply. Especially if we ourselves are unsure or without integration and embodiment of our experiences, we lose the potential to actually manifest these states of existence.

The Secoya people of the Amazon give warning to the speaking of Ayahuasca visions before they become integrated within this reality. In Jason Weisberger’s book “Rainforest Medicine: Preserving the Indigenous Sciences of the Upper Amazon”, he speaks of this. From the Secoya point of view, speaking of visions gifted in Ayahuasca ceremonies before they are fully integrated will always lead to a lack of manifestation of the visions themselves. In their culture, Weisberger states that it is common for people to speak of their visions after the ceremony, and only to those who attended the ceremony, and then no more, for sometimes years, until they are fully integrated into the life.

And so…

These elements of speech, spell-ing, and manifestation have been a large part of my last year’s exploration and I’ve rapidly come to some very distinct conclusions through my own experiential practice.

Now, when I am ready to manifest something, I take the time to really know what it is that I am attempting to manifest before speaking it. I consciously practice meditation and contemplation to determine what it is, clearly. I tend to not speak of things that I am going to do, because there is always a chance that they will not follow through. I practice being selective with the Sacred Experiences that I share with others.

Through this, Spell-ing & Manifestation have transformed in my life, though it is a constant practice in evolution. When I speak, in prayer with Spirit or in conversation with fellow humans, I have begun a practice of speaking wisely so that energy that could be used for power generation and manifestation are not lost on empty words.

Blessed Be.


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