Shakti’s Seas & Shiva’s Shores

This Wild River, She searches for the Shores that can carry Her,
Gentle sands of love that can gently manage her,
Her Current is strong, and knows no bounds or ends,
And that is why She searches for the shoreline to hold her in.

A Bank of Beauty, Masculine love that will not waiver,
Yet still has the strength to manage the tides in Her favor,
And here is what my Raging River has yet to see:
A shore strong enough to carry me.

I carry the heavens and dreams upon my water songs,
Their presence active, sensual, wild and strong.
And if it is not to engulf the entire world to it’s end,
I’ll need a shore to caress my waves, and to generously hold me in.

I have tried to abide by many a Shore,
But it always dissolves, little by little, til there is no more.
No more strength to hold in my mighty waves,
And still I cry for the Masculine to meet somehow, someway.

It is the Nature of the Feminine to run Wild, and run Free.
Yet if she were left to her own accord, the world would return again to the Sea,
For there would be no shores to hold that Spirit firm with loving Sand,
And, like this, a world without the River, would be just a Lifeless Land.

I call unto Creation for the Loving arms of Shiva’s Divinity,
I wish not for my Shakti to remain as Kali, destroying so freely,
My Creator, send me that Shore that can guide the Magic of my flow,
Bring him to me, so that I may rest in His direction, may I let go.

And if this is not to be, I shall call upon all of Shakti,
The other sisters, boundless waves, forces of the Rivers Kali,
May we meet, engulf the Earth, and do away with the rigid Sand.
If the Shores cannot meet us, then it is with our Waters that we shall stand.

Because just as Woman can immaculately conceive without Man,
So too, can new life be born again, from the Mother Ocean, but not the Rigid Sand.

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