A Morning Prayer for the Wise Woman

Good Morning Mother,

This is your Daughter Speaking.

Blessed be this day,

Which you have given me.

May my prayer this day be Love.

Blessed be the Wise Women that came before me,

And to those who will walk in my footsteps when I am gone.

Blessed be the Plant Spirits, Water Beings, and all of their Songs.

I give my all to this Creation, to this Life, to this Belonging.

Thank you.

To the Forces that Guide me, I pray that I uphold your honor.

Speak to me, oh Creator, and may I listen strong.

I invoke the Elementals, of which this world is comprised,

And I embody their magic, through my heart and eyes.

May I see the Mystery, in the invisible way that it may be.

May I walk upon this Earth in Love & Divinity.

Blessed be the Priestess inside of me,

May I listen to her and learn, what it is to be Free.

To conduct my presence upon this Earth, Mighty Mother,

I give my soul’s path here and now, for myself and for other.

With your guidance, I call to the wind of my Ancestors,

The witch, priestess, healer, sister and mother.

May my Grandmothers look upon me and be proud,

For I am living their prayers in the here and now.

I devote myself to none but my path alone,

May it be as I: wild, wise, full of life, and strong.

May I have compassion for those who do not understand,

This walk of mine, and may I firmly stand.

At the bows of the Rivers of hatred and darkness,

May I transmute the fears, lives that live in lostness.

It is a gift to be in your arms,

Oh Mother Earth, Here I am in my All.

I thank you for my power to heal,

I thank you for the ability to feel,

I thank you for my heart’s very beat,

I thank you for my wandering feet.

I thank you for my hands and all that they do,

I thank you for my path, whatever that may ensue.

I thank you for my relations, for all of the love I receive,

I thank you for my eyes, and the sacred sight to see.

To the West, I thank those that came before me,

To the East I thank those coming after me,

To the North I thank the Ancestors,

And to the South I thank the Shadow Blessers.

This I pray to you with Promise,

Dearest Mother, I am the Wise Woman whom you birthed,

As the fire burns within the Sacred Hearth,

May your prayer burn inside of me,

For this day and all days,

Until I breath my last breath in this life,

And my body returns to you,

Releasing my soul into the Blackness of Night,

Where it will birth into something new,

To again say this sacred prayer in Love & Light.


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