The Yoni-verse: Unlocking the Divine Feminine Through the Portal of the Yoni


With the rebalancing of the dynamics between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, there is a profound movement happening within our Planetary Collective. As a woman, in this time, I have found the profound unlocking of power, my own healing of the Divine Feminine within, and the power-harnessing of this time, through my growing practices of Yoni Healing. When we look closely at global and ancient traditions, we see a hidden emphasis on the power of the Yoni in healing.

From the witches of Old Europe, who would take their Belladonna vaginally (hence the term “Flying on a Broomstick”), to the Mayan tradition of Yoni Steaming (where steam sessions were given by a female practitioner, for women of the community), to the ancient Chinese (whom were the first to use Jade Yoni Eggs for cycle regulation and harnessing Female Power in the Womb), our humanity has, in it’s roots, a deeply woven knowledge of how to harness the power of the Yoni for not only physical healing, but also spiritual healing on a collective level. When we look closely, there is a cross-cultural past history that has, somewhere along the way, become lost. Yet, in my own experience, it is re-emerging along with so many other ancient practices to harness the power of the Divine Feminine within all of us.

Briefly, it can be observed that, cross-culturally, there was a shift many centuries ago where the Masculine and Feminine Divine Energies came out of balance with one another. As a result of this shift, we see the cultivated fear around the Sexual power of the Feminine. Menstrual Cycles have become feared and regarded as “unclean”, and many of the practices that were cultivated to harness and enhance the Creative Energy of the Feminine Sexual force, underwent extreme degregation, were lost, or were perverted by fear into these “shameful” representations we see today (i.e. menstruation huts in Nepal, Black Lodge misunderstanding, the role of the Sacred Prostitute & Tantric Temples, etc.).

We see centuries of ignorance and oppression that resulted in the “witch hunts” of those practices in the Arts of Female Sexual Energy Cultivation. Practices were lost, Female Power was regarded with fear and thus the role of the Woman, as it was in ancient times, has evolved into a lesser form having lost the Human Awareness of the Divinity within. We have lost our Womanhood initiation ceremonies, our community lodges, our ancient heritage to practices for cultivating sexual energy, our right to Sacred Sexuality

Mother Nature, Herself, and the forces that be have a reason for all shifting of balancing, therefore even unbalancing was necessary. Possibly to bring about the profound revolution of Re-Membering within the Human Consciousness and it’s Divinity.

However, this article is not about dwelling upon the past, but about re-emerging these practices in our modern times.


What is the Yoni? The Yoni, in my understanding, is the Creative Center of Feminine Sexual Energy, or, put more bluntly, the vaginal region and the womb area. It resides in the Sacral Chakra of the body and is responsible for manifestations of Creativity, Reproduction, and gives the Woman the very distinct energy force that is distinctly different from the Male Sexual Creative Force.

In my own practice, I have gravitated to the intuitive exploration of my own Yoni-verse, as well as sought out knowledge from ancient traditions of how to cultivate and re-engage with the ancestral knowledge that resides within. This exploration has been one of the most powerful routes I have taken to remember the wisdom of my Creation, my past lives, my healing potential. Here I would like to share a bit about these tools, as I have come to know them.

A basic Routine of mine, to which I focus my workshops within, is as follows:

  1. Yoni Steam
  2. Yoni Flushing with Hydrosols
  3. Yoni Egg Practice
  4. Herbal Infusions for the Womb

I also incorporate Cycle Energetics (also known as Fertility Charting, but with a more Jungian Archetypal approach alongside the biological components), as well as Menstruation Rituals in my life to generate a deeper, more conscious way of cultivating the Divine Feminine within me to Her highest potential.

For more information on workshops, facilitating a workshop in your area, or to contact me about this particular regime, please contact me at: or visit the Facebook page: Sachamama Creations

Yoni Steaming

Yoni Steaming is a Mayan derived tradition, often facilitated by midwives and female healers for women in the community.Largely attributed to use as treatment for “cleansing” (such as after miscarriage or birth), this Mayan practice of Yoni Steaming has become widely resurfaced in our modern times. The Priestesses of Delphi were also recorded to work with a form of Yoni Steaming, however, their use was with psychedelic plants (Henbane), to reach divinatory states, and offer information to rulers and kings seeking guidance. Though I have experimented with the method, as used by the Priestesses of Delphi, I do not recommend it to beginner users.steam

Yoni Steaming, in essence, involves the squatting (or use of a special chair that allows the Yoni access to the steam) over a bowl of freshly boiled water.Various Yoga poses have been useful for me (i.e. child’s pose, squatting). I use dried herbs (usually Roses, Calendula, Lavender, and/or Yarrow) for a more healing experience, but this isn’t necessary. In short, the woman squats over the the freshly boiled water, with a technology (i.e. blanket) wrapped around her from the waist down to hold in the steam. The steaming method is usually best done for 45 min., but may vary depending on the practice.

For me, and according to other resources, Yoni Steaming is a highly cleansing ritual, and also brings consciousness into the healing of the womb. It is best done before and after menstruation, after experiencing miscarriage or abortion, when experiencing physical ailments (bacterial infections, etc.), and for treatment or facilitation of spiritual/energetic intention (ex: TREATMENT:sexual trauma; FACILITATION: connecting do deeper states of awareness). It is a powerful practice and women (including myself and others whom I work with in my workshops) have claimed to have actual visionary experiences because of the strength of this practice. Group-image-of-steams

In my practice, I find that this practice is best treated as a meditation, regardless of the intention. A calm, quite, space with meditative practices (candles, soft music, etc.) will allow for the woman to connect into the power of this ritual. It is highly intuitive, as are all Yoni Practices that are stated here.

Yoni Flushing

There has been considerable attention given to Yoni Flushing, or as it is commonly called “Douching”. Depending on the practitioner, or source, a variety of feedback is given about it, ranging from “dangerous” to “extremely helpful”. Yoni Flushing with Apple Cider Vinegar is said to balance ph levels in the body, while other sources would say that Yoni Flushing, in any form, isn’t recommended.

Flushing the Yoni involves a sterilized syringe, and the desired solution. One fills the syringe, injects it into the yoni, and inserts the solution into the vaginal canal.rosewater-rose-hydrosol

For my own practice, I learned that the benefits of Yoni Flushing are a tremendous help in moisturizing the tissues (nourishing the vaginal walls; Rose Hydrosol Solution), combating vaginal bacterial/fungal infections (Diluted Oregano Hydrosol; Solution of Sangre de Grado), for balancing ph related disorders (Apple Cider Vinegar), and for a variety of energetic reasons (ex: brightening the aura with Calendula Hydrosol).

Flushing the Yoni is beneficial for a variety of reasons. It first creates a deeper bond and consciousness towards the womb area in general. Second of all, it can be used to treat vaginal infections, to heal after abortions or miscarriages, to increase awareness and energetic vibrations in the womb, and as treatment for trauma, emotional imbalances, and a variety of other emotional/mental/physical ailments. It is also a beautiful and effective practice for toning the vaginal canal.

For those of you who do not know, Hydrosol is the run-off steam that is used to push essential oils out during the laboratory process of essential oil extraction. It is stronger than tea, by a long shot, while being significantly more mild than essential oils. For the record, it is NEVER advised to flush with essential oils, or put them anywhere near your genitalia.

distillation_ANGI relate flushing to the times of the Pagan Witches, and herbalists of Old Europe. These women were recorded in the inquisition and other records as having solutions that they would insert and use via the vaginal canal. The most famous, being the “Flying Ointment”, a psychedelically infused oil (Belladonna, Datura, Mandrake, etc.) that was inserted in the vaginal canal for visionary experiences. They also inserted various herbal concoctions into the Yoni for everything from inducing abortions to psycho-spiritual therapies.

Though the Yoni Flushing mentioned here, with hydrosols and vinegars, will not induce a psychedelic journey, I have found that it can induce visionary states of channeling or “streaming” when combined with other intensive Yoni Practices.

Yoni Eggs

The Yoni Egg practice was first explored by the ancient Chinese, in several Taoist and Tantric lineages that were practiced in the Dynasties. According to the limited sources available, the first Egg was Jade. Thes

yoni eggs2e Jade eggs were inserted into the Yoni (vaginal canal) and used to enhance libido, sacred sexuality connection, cycle regulation, womb healing of physical ailments, and for various spiritual/tantric practices. The same is true today for Yoni Eggs: tremendous health and spiritual benefits can result in using a Yoni Egg, too many to name in fact.

In our modern times, the Yoni Egg comes in a variety of stone types. Everything from Quartz to Obsidian is used, and all of the color spectrum in between. As one can imagine, the properties and uses of the stones vary according to the type of stone used. My first Eggs were Lapis Lazuli and Obsidian. There are numerous sites that categorize and explain the healing benefits of particular stones, and particular Yoni Eggs. The use of various types of eggs is guided by the intention for their use.

For example, back to my obsidian egg, I have found that this egg provides me with a profound sense of grounding, which is important while traveling. Used in ceremony, I have found that it aids in clearing the Chakra system, as well as grounding Celestial energy into the Earth, purification, and solidifying my experience. It particularly works well in the Inipi (Lakota Sweat Lodge). Whereas, my Lapis Lazuli is rarely used, only when I am attempting to reach very deep states of channeling, divination, or communing with my Spirit Guides.

Treating eggs with crystals

Wearing an Egg in the Yoni may sound strange, and the most frequently asked questions I receive in my Yoni Egg Workshops are “Don’t they fall out?” (Answer: No), “Do they get stuck?” (Answer: No, the cervix does not allow for the Yoni Egg to “get lost”, it is the barrier), “Can you wear them all day, like, while doing ot

Yoni Egg sizes
Yoni Eggs come in a variety of sizes. It is best to choose an egg based on the intensity desired for practice, the number of births she has had, and other factors.

her things?” (Answer: Yes, if you want to).


The best advice I give is that working with Yoni Eggs is like working with any other healing stone therapy: there are guidelines such as what stones are best for what intention/physical healing, but the process is largely intuitive, and thus the exact method that of use will vary from woman to woman, from stone to stone. In my personal experience, it is best to really consult your intuition, do a bit of research on what it is that you are wishing to gain/heal from the practice of Yoni Eggs, and to just be open and receptive to what results. Practice is key, so just like Yoga or anything else, the more you do it, the more you will connect and the more precise and unique your practice will become, as well as an increase in the healing that takes place from the practice.

Along with teaching Yoni Egg workshops, I also sell eggs and starter kits. You may access my etsy account here, if you feel called to look into purchasing an egg or kit, and I recommend first time users contacting me for a consultation if you feel that guidance would be best for your introduction to this practice.

variety basket.jpg
Yoni Eggs are made from numerous types of Gemstones & Precious Minerals.

 Herbal Treatment for Well-Being

The ingestion of herbal treatments for Feminine Healing is universal, as the Plant Beings (Herbs) were our first medicines. There are too many lineages and recipes to include here, but a basic understanding of how the Herbal world (consumption of herbs) can affect our healing and deeper connection to Womb Wellness follows here.

Basically, the ingestion of herbs that are specifically used for the Female Reproductive System, enhance the overall well-being of the Womb, and therefore the overall levels of power attainable through the Womb. Common ways to take herbs are tinctures, teas, and through eating the herbs themselves in cooking recipes and adding them to your routine of Divine Feminine exploration is a strong key in unlocking your inner wisdom. IMG_0330

Various Chinese Formulas are available, as well as Ayurvedic, and Western Herbalism Formulas. Less commonly known are those Folk Medicine formulas of the Indigenous North, Central, and South American lineages, to which I personally have explored quite extensively and found to be extremely helpful in aiding the Feminine into Holistic Healing of the Self.

An overall tonic for women is the formula of Oatstraw, Red Raspberry Leaf, Nettles, and Red Clover. This general tonic, taken as a daily tea, is supportive to the woman in all cycles (pregnancy, lactation, menopause, menstruation, and everything in between). Toning of the Uterus, filled with Iron, Cycle regulating, and nourishing to the Womb, this tea is my “go to” for all complaints but is best taken regularly as a preventative to ailments and an over-all strengthener to the functions of the Feminine.

rose teaA profound herbal ally of mine is the Rose. I add a bit of roses to most of my routines, including my Yoni Steams and Hydrosol Flush Recipes, and almost all of my teas. This Divine Feminine Flower is almost incomparable to it’s energetic healing effects on the emotional, energetic, and spiritual healing effects for the Woman. It’s even effective in treating grief generated from miscarriage or abortion. I add Rose whenever I can to my teas, from my Yerba Mate blends, to my Uterus Toning Tonics. The flower of Venus, Aphrodite, and the Divine Mother, connecting to Rose is possibly the most powerful and simple way to connect to the Divine Feminine when ingesting herbs.


Another powerful plant ally is Maca Root, commonly sold in powder form as a South American Superfood. I serve a hot Maca beverage in my Yoni Steam workshops because of it’s amazing hormonal balancing benefits.

Again, the herbs and formulas for ingestion are extremely numerous, and the choice of herbal consumption really depends on the intention and state/constitution of the Woman, as well as the Mind/Body/Spirit component of Herself that she is working with. I highly recommend doing a bit of research, or having a consultation with an Herbalist to identify which herbs fit your routine and intention.

Cycle Energetics & Fertility Charting

Cycle Energetics, or Fertility Charting, is an excellent system to connect a woman’s awareness to her natural rhythms and cycles, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. When we are in tuned with the natural fluctuations in hormones, bodily fluids, and the emotions/energies that patternistically arise, we gain a deeper sense of who we are and how to maneuver our energy as it changes throughout the month.

By monitoring the phases of each cycle, a woman may keep track of when she is fertile

Moon Chart2
A Moon Dial Chart. Charting my daily readings on a cycle aligned with the Moon Cycle.

(ovulating), when she is not fertile (post menstruation & “PMS”), and when she is expecting to bleed. In it’s basics, Cycle Energetics & Fertility Charting is the practice of keeping a daily calendar/diary that a woman uses to chart her vaginal discharge readings, emotions, and sometimes temperature. With a basic book or guideline, the woman may then begin to come into greater awareness and harmony with her natural rhythms.

In the practice that I follow and teach, there is a 4 phase basic cycle that every woman is connected to: post menstruation, pre ovulation (Virgin Warrior Archetype); ovulation (Mother Archetype); post ovulation and pre menstruation (Shamanic Woman Archetype); and Menstruation (Crone or Bleeding Woman Archetype). I have published several articles on the subject, which can be found in the contents section of this blog. I recommend reading them if a woman is interested in beginning this practice. In my own practice, I tend to use symbols of archetypes, elements, and other helpful tools when understanding the energy changes amongst the cycles.

moon chart
Many different style charts can be found online.

What I have found is that the monitoring of different phases in the cycle allows a woman to become more in tune, not only with herself, but with the cycles of the moon as well. For example, If we understand when we are ovulating, and know what emotions and energies come as a result of ovulation, then when the ovulation happens (which changes the hormones of the woman as well), we may better navigate our energy and activities accordingly.

In this, a sense of empowerment comes in fully understanding the energetic signals of the woman’s body and cycle. No longer is there the tendency to be unconscious of hormonal changes, therefore creating a lack of consciousness in maneuvering a woman’s person energy patterns, or being a victim to them. Now, with practice of fully embodying and practicing awareness with her cycle, the woman is able to cultivate more direction and effective use of her energy.

Menstrual (Moon) Rituals

It can be observed, cross-culturally, that ancestral peoples held a variety of menstrual customs, ranging from isolation lodges, to actual blood rituals where the menstrual blood was used, gifted to the Earth, or mixed with other fluids (i.e. semen, ashes of sacred plants, etc.) for ceremonial/magical uses. In our modern times, the blood rituals may vary from woman to woman, but the essence is to bring a deeper sense of purpose and sacredness to the time known as the Moon Time.

The diva cup is an excellent tool for beginning to see the blood as an opportunity to offer a gift to the Earth. Because the cup catches the blood, it can then be offered in compost, soil, or at spaces (such as a special spot in Nature), that are special to the woman. This creates a mentality that blood is a sacred offering, instead of something to disregard and toss down a toilet. The essence is one of sacredness (ritual) versus one of ignorance (disregard & unconscious). One common philosophy is that “Once women begin to give their blood back to the Earth, all war will end”.

Himba initation ceremony
A woman’s first menstruation ritual in the Himba Tribe, Africa.

I have also written an article entitled “The Ceremony of Bleeding”, which presents alternative ways to view and treat a woman’s moon cycle. You may find it on the blog contents.

Whatever your ritual, creating some form of sacredness or conscious-oriented approach to the sacred time of bleeding is important in cultivating deep connection to the Yoni-verse and therefore enhancing it’s potential for healing power.

In Essence

The woman’s connection to her Womb Space is an art that has become somewhat culturally lost in our modern times. I have found that through the practices mentioned here, that there is another universe (Yoni-verse) within our reach, one that can be harnessed for powerful awakenings, healing work, and transmission. The routine described here is my own, but any woman may create any routine in order to fit her personal intention and needs.

It is a blessing to share these teachings and I encourage any woman feeling inspired to explore her Yoni-verse to begin her practice, offering my personal consultation services to any interested parties! For more information on the tools described here, upcoming workshops, an interest to host a workshop in your area, or personal consultation regarding your personal practice, I invite women to contact me at

Blessings on the Path of Discovery, Ladies!


9 thoughts on “The Yoni-verse: Unlocking the Divine Feminine Through the Portal of the Yoni

  1. Why is putting a Jade egg in your vagina, putting herbs in your vagina, and ceremonial vaginal steaming framed in this article as being something useful and beneficial that its sad we’ve lost?

    I’m not sure if you have the evidence to support claims about the menstrual views of peoples centuries ago. If they were respectful of women and their periods, or oppressive. And what this has to do with ‘A cross-cultural shift where Masculine and Feminine energies came out of balance’
    Your reoccurring example of witch hunts doesn’t necessarily mark any particular event in time proving this turning point of imbalance. I’m sure that in the broader span of history, there are situations not unlike the female oppression your describing.


  2. This yoni-egg thing is a classic case of a consumer pattern.
    Create a reason why they need something, and once its popular enough, they’ll buy it. Even if its shoving mined-minerals up their vagina.


    1. Dear Aly,

      I’d like to address both comments you’ve presented on the Yoni-Verse article here.

      The presentation of the material in the article is of my own practice, and my own research and experiential knowledge in my work for myself and others. I am not suggesting that this routine is for everyone, but in my workshops and in my own personal journey, I have found these tools and practices helpful and profoundly sacred in recovering lost knowledge of my cosmic feminine body, for myself and for others.

      A teacher of mine (whom I live with occasionally), an Elder Curandera in Mexico, once told me something “Cuando tienes el connection de Dios, no necesitas nada mas. No necesitas piedras, tobacco, o otros cosas. Tienes el connection de todo. Pero, en el camino para hacer este connection, los utilizados tienen un function: para hacer el connection”. Translated “When you have the connection to God, you don’t need anything else. You don’t need stones, or tobacco, or other things. You have the connection of everything. But, in the path to make the connection, the tools have a function: to make the connection”.

      I believe in this statement in the sense that what all tools are, are ways to make a connection that afterwards once made, we need nothing else but that connection to heal, to do our work, and to provide a service to humanity and the planet.

      However, in my own life, where I am walking to make that connection, I have found these tools to be of tremendous service to me. Yes, the whole goal, for me, in this walk is to have that connection in the highest sense. Yet, I don’t often come across it in anyone other than my elders, who also used tools in their younger years to create that connection. So, I agree with you that, in essence, we don’t NEED anything (such is the basis for anti-consumerism, as you speak) to be well, but I also believe that we just don’t wake up one day having all of the knowledge in the universe of how to be well and a connection is instantly manifested. For some maybe, but it hasn’t been that way for me and I write from my own practice because it’s the only experiential knowledge that I believe I have credibility to speak from.

      The Yoni Eggs could be seen as a consumeristic pattern, which you have thoughtfully brought forth as your own perspective on the subject. And I have seen this to be interwoven in it, just like paying for meditation retreats and such. However, for me, the practice itself is profoundly influential in my exploration of path connection. I have personally felt a shift in my own power center (the sacral chakra, my womb, is my strongest resonating center and I strive to be as conscious and directional with it’s evolution of resonance as possible. Thus, turning that center into a healing resonance chamber that I may share with others).

      Again, putting stones or herbs or ceremonial emphasis on the Yoni is not for everyone. And it is true that women across ancient cultures did these rituals, to what extent is uncertain as much of that knowledge has been lost to the academic research approach. However, we do know that women in China were using Yoni Eggs, we know that the Priestesses of Delphi & the Mayan midwives facilitated Yoni Steaming, we know that the Witches of Old Europe inserted their Flying Ointments via the Yoni, but past that we don’t know much. And I humbly put aside my obsession with purely factual knowledge and research when I put down my career as an Anthropologist. This decision was done because most of the literature that I came across as an anthropologist has little authentic representation of what customs and ceremonies actually meant to the indigenous person performing them: it was a Westernized view and interpretation that was misleading to the masses.

      A Rasta elder from Jamaica told me the other day that in Rasta culture, they believe in two forms of knowledge: the knowledge that is gained by safe knowing and what he called “free thinking”. He brought this perspective to me when I asked him about King Solomon’s place in Rastafari culture (I’ve been having regressions involving Solomon’s travels & love affairs). He began by saying “Rastafari didn’t start out as a religion, as it is today. Actually, it was just a way of being, living close to the Earth & simple. But then people interested in that cultural way began to piece together information that was factual, and thus we have the version we have today. These people were mainly educated people from the West. But, what is most important, is that at that time, when the scholars of religion were creating this New Age form, they found the free thinkers. The free thinkers were people living in isolation on the tops of mountains that knew the same information that they were having to dig and find in books and creating connections. The free thinkers were able to access the same information and more, because it wasn’t coming from books”.

      I include this tid-bit here because it resonated with me. So often we are obsessed with the dense literature available to confirm things that we are contemplating. But, in my travels and through ALL of my Elders, they believe in an alternative form of information gathering: what my Rasta brother calls “free thinking”. When you apply that concept to the practices of Yoni consciousness, or any other form of practice, it is profound. We know enough be begin the journey, the safety net of recorded literature on steaming, Mayan Abdominal Massage, Yoni Eggs, etc. But the true essence of the practice and what it can offer is something that one must take the journey to find out. Not everything they wrote was the totality of what it was.

      I wouldn’t use the term “sad” to describe the lost information, but rather to describe the way in which we feel we must go about it in this day and age. We don’t trust the intuition to guide us in our journeys, we trust books and recorded information, most of which was written by the dominating cultures that overthrew the lineages being written about. The example of the Spanish Inquisition comes to mind when regarding the sacred practices of Female Mayan Healers, which is so beautifully explored in Patrisia Gonzales’ book “Red Medicine: Traditional Indigenous Rights of Birthing & Healing”.

      So, for me, putting herbs in my Yoni, Stones, Steaming, & the like, have been tools to connect me to deeper knowledge of how to harness and direct my energy as a woman, as well as access information close to what has been described as “free thinking” by my Rasta Brother.

      In my practices, I’ve met innumerable women who have no idea when they are ovulating or not, who have had histories with PCOS or infertility or rape or trauma that never went past a medical procedure (the root of some these things is always an energetic or spiritual source), women who have never experienced the infinite orgasm (as it has been described by various lineages of Tantric practices) or even a satisfying orgasm. These women, including myself, would not have woken up one day and had the “connection to God” that manifested in an instant infinite orgasm or a removal of generations of sexual suffering/trauma. Just like one doesn’t wake up one day as a Yogi with all of the secrets of India’s history manifested into their consciousness. So, my point here is that though these tools are tools, they can be used for healing and recovering memory of sacred practices. For many, this path may not resonate, and that is perfect in itself, but for me it has and I present the power of that, my own experiential knowledge, here.

      I again appreciate your comments, Aly. I hope that the information I presented here was somewhat helpful to your process of digesting the information in the articles, maybe in a more detailed and directed way as we had a directional conversation between us 🙂 Thank you for reading, and be well!


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      1. If we’re talking about the Divine Earth Mother energy, as you say, then why would these stones, which take much manpower, transportation, and environmental destruction to be mined, processed and distributed, be any kind of tool for enlightenment?
        I ask myself this, and I ask myself what else could be exploited as long as enough people spoke fervently that it worked.
        It all just seems very bogus to me. Who decided the metaphysical properties of minerals? from my experience people just read about them and assume that since this or that website says rose quartz its lovey dovey, then there you have its metaphysical properties. In the same way that you can give people a sugar pill that you’ve told them is a pain killer, and they report that it fixed their pain, so is the ‘I read it in The Crystal Guide then I felt it’.
        I love labradorite, personally. All the websites tell me that it will strengthen my creativity, and like every single other stone its supposed to make me more connected to my higher self. Labradorite is iridescent and beautiful, If I was in a room with labradorite walls I would probably be more creative. But if I was blind and in a room with labradorite walls, if there was a curtain between me and the labradorite, would I be more creative? No, I don’t think so. Labradorite is a stunning light refractor, and its beautiful colours inspire me. But I don’t know if its right to sell it to people saying it’ll do something, something that can easily be replicated with a placebo.
        I have a friend who posted a picture of what is very obviously an imitation moldavite, a massive piece of it that would cost thousands if it were real, but it wasn’t. Moldavite is an extremely commonly imitated mineral. Its rarity makes it expensive, and more profitable to fake. The caption to her photo was ‘The cosmic energy is overflowing!’ And she talked about how she really connected to the stone. I told her that Moldavite is commonly imitated, that the only place that a piece of moldavite that size would be is in a museum or in the hands of someone with lots and lots of disposable money. She said she got it from a New Age store for less than $100.
        I have no idea how I can differentiate from ‘feeling energetic power’ and a placebo. Since when you think something has the power to make something better, it probably will make it better no matter what it is. And that has a legitimate place, in its own right. But we should be aware that ‘better’ or ‘happier’ are easy things to trick yourself into believing are happening to you, when in fact your the one playing the trick on yourself.
        There is a popular health-supplement company that sells bogus gummies on a subscription rate for just $50 out of your account every two weeks. The company claims that it can’t guarantee any results, but you should look out for: a general sense of well-being; more alert; more energy; better digestion; better appetite; sleep better; need less sleep; wake up easier; wake up earlier; weight loss; weight gain (if desired). None of these improvements can directly be proven to be tied to the bogus gummies, but since lots of people say they see results, you must think your seeing results, too. And people do, and so this gummy making company make mega-millions. Even though this product has nothing beyond anecdotes going for it.
        And there we have it, the power of the mind. It results in millions of people giving millions of dollars to products and causes that have no real ground. And it results in the environmental destruction of mining for the growing New Age market, for real or fake crystals, as long as some website or book tells you it will make something ‘better’.


      2. Dear Aly,

        Although I truly see where your points are coming from, and respect your stance, it feels to me like there is some misinterpretation on the message of my article. I never once used the words “better” or “worse”, or even suggested that this is something for everyone. As I have mentioned numerous times, in numerous articles, my view points are my own and come from my own experience and I offer them to women who are interested in those topics. What I commonly find with blogging though, is that it is commonly a venue for people to project their belief systems onto others forums, whether for disagreement or agreement purposes. And though I am aspiring to address your topics gracefully, it seems that the argumentative side of your perspective wishes to remain in the forefront instead of offering humble suggestions in place of projected belief systems.

        We could sit here and argue back and forth about these things. I could say that if your belief system were real regarding consumerism and mining, that you wouldn’t be using a computer to facilitate this discussion, as all technologies also require mining and consumer models. To which, I am sure you would have a reply and the cycle would continue on. I have not seen where you are engaging with me in a dialogue, since all of the information I offered in reference to your questions was bypassed for more of your opinions regarding the negative components of the topics here.

        As for the perspectives you’ve brought forward here, I see you and I respect your opinions. However, as I have said, I try to be responsible and graceful with my conversations on this forum IF they are progressing into some sort of evolution in perspective between the individuals involved. It does not seem to me that this is happening, and whatever response I give you seems to invoke more examples of the same perspective of negativity regarding the subject matter. So, unless we can evolve our perspectives together (this definitely includes me, and I am open), then let’s leave this forum space for more directional conversations more relevant to the subject matter of the articles.

        Again, I appreciate your responses and I feel your position regarding consumerism, respect for Mother Earth, trendy fashions, and health are all present here in a thoughtful way. Furthermore, I believe that your expressions of these things stems from a deeply interwoven consciousness between yourself, humanity and Earth. However, I also feel that if we are to only speak, and focus on, the disagreements we have with the reality of things, we are not really offering a space for change. Let’s either gravitate to this space or end our discussion.

        Love to you, Aly.


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  3. Hallo Jessica, thank you for your explanation. I read you article and think you put it right,you’re talking out of your experience wisdom instead of a critical mind, Which can be useful in the right circumstances but reading the comment of Ally gives me the feeling he or she is nagging and misses the point. I agree that it isn’t easy to discuss this matter,if you can call it thus, from a rational mind. I think it’s refreshing to hear your reaction,respectful and loving. Nice to be able to witness this from my stand of view. Greetings with all my heart Hanneke from The Netherlands

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wonderful and engaging piece! ❤ I plan to share this entry with my teenage daughters as I found it to be very flowy. I think they will appreciate the part about menstruation or as I like to call it, "Moon time"…every little bit helps as we begin to navigate this journey together. Thank you Dear sister for sharing. Peace and Love


  5. Through google searching yoni care, flushing, and steaming, I happened to stumble upon this article. Beloved Camitza- thank you for your service, your wisdom, and your loving spirit. It is an honor to call you a sister, a friend, and a teacher. ❤


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