The Yoni Bird: A Children’s Story

Yoni Bird 2

Once upon a time, in a magical world, not so far away from this world, lived a flock of magical, beautiful birds.

Now, this world is actually here with us….right now. This world full of magical beings that are here to teach us, play with us, and show us the magic of the universe. If you look very closely, let your imagination free, and listen to your heart, you can see those magical beings….who here believes in fairies?

And so, this flock of magical birds come to us whenever we see beauty, whenever we feel the magic of the universe open and mysterious things start to happen. You see, in this world of the magical birds, the whole place is made of magic. Trees change color and have secret doors where fairies live, birds fly on fire and magical dust through painted skies, and portals open for us to visit them all the time. We step through the door of our imagination and into a world where, if we are pure in heart and have a magical imagination, we too can create beings and creatures in this place. Everyone can.

Now one day, the flock of magical birds were all in the magical forest, playing in a beautiful lagoon with mermaids in a fairy clearing. One bird, as she was cleaning her feathers, came across something she had never seen before. She pulled back her beautiful blue feathers and felt a soft, pink something on her skin. “What is it?” she wondered….

Not wanting to show it to the other birds just yet, she decided to fly high to the treetops to explore this new part of herself.

At the top of the trees, she pulled back the feathers and felt the sunshine on her new pink part. She admired it “Wow. How beautiful and different this is from anything else in the magical land!”

As she admired it, a Beautiful Wind Fairy Spirit landed in the tree beside her. Startled, she pulled the feathers over her new pink part.

“Why would you cover us such a magical portal?” The Wind Fairy asked. “I saw it from flying across the sky and wanted to come and see!”

“Portal?” Asked the bird.

“Yes, a portal! Portals are very special! Portals birth new magic into this world that we live in! Look around you. These trees that have sweet fruit, the painted wind that I fly on, even you, magic bird….we all come from portals because portals birth everything in Creation!”

The bird was surprised and pointed at her new portal “So, everything in this world comes from portals like this?”

“Well, of course. But I have never seen a portal like this before. I don’t know what to call it. Have you thought about naming it?” Asked the Wind Fairy.

The bird inspected it closely. She admired the spiral point at the top, the cave-like doors, it really was beautiful. “I don’t know, what do you think?” She asked the Wind Fairy.

Before the Wind Fairy could answer, the bird began to feel the portal shake. It vibrated her whole body, but it did not hurt her, it felt like cool wind breezing through her body, or like she had just jumped into a cool lake. The fairy saw it too, and they both just stared at the portal as it moved and shook. A gust of painted wind shook the whole treetop! They even felt that they heard a beautiful voice singing and wind chimes chiming…

Suddenly, out came another pink, fleshy creature. It looked just like portal in color. It came right out and sat down on the treetop with the Fairy and the Bird.

“Wow! What are you and where did you come from?” asked the Bird. The creature smiled and stretched out her arms to feel the wind of the magical world.

“Why, I’m a human girl” Said the creature “I came from Earth, just over that hill” she said pointing to the top of a mountain. “Actually, we live very close together, we do. It’s just not many other human creatures know how to visit you. Many humans don’t believe in fairies or magical portals to other worlds. But I do. That’s why I’m here”

The Fairy and the Bird looked at the beautiful human girl with happiness. They looked at her toes, her hair, her beautiful eyes, her elbows…everything about her was new and different from everything in this world.

You see, creatures of the magical world talked about Earth human creatures visiting, but nowadays it was very rare because the human creatures had forgotten how to travel to their magical lands. Then they noticed between the human girls legs was something incredible….

“Oh wow!” Said the bird, pointing between the human girls legs “You have a portal too!”

“Of course I do” said the human girl pointing to her portal “All human girls have a portal here. This is where babies come from when human girls are all grown up. I came from my Mommy’s portal, and one day a baby human creature will come through my portal too! But I have to grow up first….right now my portal is just for Girl Magic. It makes me different from human boys, which is nice. It’s nice that human boys and human girls have different magic. My Mommy says that when I’m older, my Girl Magic will change into Woman Magic, and instead of talking to the spirits of this world, I will talk to the Spirit of the Moon. My Mommy says it is the Spirit of the Moon who helps grown-up human girls make super-magic, including human babies! I am little and have only Girl Magic, and it led me here to you two.”

The human girl looked around her. She saw the dragons and fairies flying in the sky, she saw 2 suns dancing in the clouds, she saw trees of every color she had in her paint set back home, some even changing color right in front of her eyes. “How beautiful this world is” she said to the Bird and the Fairy “I wish all human girls could see this world.”

“Well why can’t they come and visit? The older creatures here, some 100’s of years old, say that human creatures used to come all the time. Why have you stopped coming?”

The human girl creature looked sad. “Well, our human world is very different now. People don’t believe in magic, or fairies, or other worlds. Lots of humans used to know of portals that took us to your world and others. But somehow they’ve forgotten. They use electronic portals now, which don’t really go anywhere.”

The Bird thought for a moment and then said “But you! You remembered! You came through my portal here on my back, and you yourself have a portal!”

The human girl became happy again “That’s true!” she said “All I did in my world was create you in my imagination, I imagined the trees and the 2 suns and even you and the Fairy woman! And here I am! I came through a portal that I imagined, and look! It’s just like my portal!” she said pointing to her own portal.

“Wow” said the Fairy “It must be very special to be a human girl because all human girls have the magic to create worlds inside their imaginations and through the magic of their….what do you call those portals…?”

The little human girl giggled “My Mommy, and the other grown up human girls, call it ‘A Yoni”

“So the portal is called a Yoni!” exclaimed the Bird

“Yes!” smiled the human girl “And that makes you a Yoni Bird!”

And so, the Wind Fairy, the human girl, and the Yoni Bird played in the treetops, the magic forest, swam in the waters with Mermaids and Water Spirits, and flew in the painted skies with the Fire Birds and Angels until the 2 suns were ready to sleep. It was time for the human girl to go back home to human world.

“Okay, promise you’ll come visit us again!” Said the Yoni Bird and the Fairy.

“I promise!” Said the human girl.

“Will you bring some of your other human girl friends with you? The creatures in our world would love to have more human girls visit us!”

“Well, that all depends on them. Just like my Yoni and Imagination created you and brought me to this world, it’s up to all human girls to make magic with their own Yoni and Imagination”

“Tell the human girls what you have seen here! Maybe they will believe in magic and use their own Imaginations and Yoni to come to this place!”

And so, the human girl vanished in the painted winds, back to her home on Earth.

From that day on, the Yoni Bird and the Fairy would play with the human girl when she came to visit. And slowly, more Yoni portals began to appear in the magical land, which the Yoni Bird and Fairy began to find more human girl visitors. The magic had worked! More and more little human girls started believing in their Yoni Magic and the Worlds they found in their Imaginations!

Is there a portal in the Magical World from your Imagination?

9 thoughts on “The Yoni Bird: A Children’s Story

    1. Thank you for your supportive response to the children’s story! I am currently amidst the second writing “Yoni Bird Visit’s Grandmother Moon: A Coming of Age Tale”, in which Yoni Bird and Hannah (the little girl) receive their first bleeding and undergo a journey (of initiation) to visit Grandmother Moon. During the journey, they meet mythological characters that represent Female Guardian Spirits from different cultures and initiation processes that I have learned about. It becomes apparent, in this story, that Yoni Bird is the mythical counterpart to the human girl Hannah. When they meet Grandmother Moon, she takes them into an apprenticeship where the girls learn about giving blood to the earth, their fertility cycles, and the rituals that are possible only through being a Woman, all in very simple terms, laced in metaphor and an excited archetypal journey.

      I am amidst the visual art process, as the art is most important for me in this work. It will certainly take much longer than the writing itself, but I am amidst progress 🙂

      The inspiration is to have interactive story-telling in Women’s Circles where our girls are present, and maybe even public venues, as a form of early female education surrounding sexuality and the arts of being a woman. I felt that, from the stories I’ve heard in women’s circles, that many of our women in the current generation feel that they could have been more consciously initiated into an understanding of their sexuality, menstruation, and what it means to be women.

      The essence is that many women felt, for years, confusion and shame around parts of themselves that they didn’t understand or have support in discovering. Being told that their “private parts” were just not to be talked about and when bleeding came, only a box of tampons were offered to them as a mentor.

      These stories have been my attempt to create an early childhood education program where these topics are not shrouded in “shame” or common societal aversion, yet are deeply explored in a wonderful and imaginative way.

      Thanks again for your support! I hope to have the paintings finished by the time your girls come of age 🙂


  1. Thank you for sharing this story. I read it in bed to my friend this morning and it engendered a conversation about our childhoods. I created a world called Irolam, an island surrounded with mermaids and rainforests filled with nymphs and fairies and talking animals. Such a great memory to revisit!


    1. Thank you johncocyote! It is inspiring to see that you have seen the essence of the wisdoms here ❤ I haven't the knowledge of your background, but as your mother (adopted or actual) was Ojibwa, I feel that you have been exposed to the ancient ways as I have. The inspiration for this blog is to transmit those essential messages that I have been gifted. It has been an inspiring journey thus far, and I hope to continue illuminating the path through being a transmission of these ancestral wisdoms. As I feel you know, but many are learning at this time, it is not about fact or "truths" as they are defined by western standards. Vine Deloria Jr. speaks of these things in saying that the greatest gap between the western person psychology and the indigenous is the medium of "truth", tied to historical linear thinking. I personally have felt this intimately since creating this blog, as people write or post demanding to know "reference material", when it is in fact inappropriate to quote elders oral transmissions. Or, others feel that these wisdoms are issues of debate, the nature of the Western way of which is most common to create for oneself a strong facet of self-adoption of knowledge. Thank you for seeing the ancient traditions in my work. It is indeed an honor to be seen in light of my inspiration, in contrast to misinterpretation that is commonly most associated and given as feedback. Those whom see the work are beacons of light for me to continue, and those who do not, inspiration to further clarify and refine the messages ❤ Aho & Blessings, brother.

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